Devon Short Silk Dress

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In a moment of clarity, this raffia silk dress transports you to the enchanted boroughs of Patmos, Greece. Roomy kimono sleeves and a deep v-neck allow you to wear it off the shoulder and flirt with your different selves. Pull up the elastic waistband and unbutton collar to reveal layered charms and new freckles.



ARJÉ was conceived in 2016 and presented to the world in February 2017, However as the origins of its name would suggest ‘The Essence of Everything’ ARJÉ has been gathering momentum and solidity for much longer. Developed as one of the first truly ‘See Now, Buy Now’ brands, ARJÉ was created as a reaction to The Corral's combined experience as creative heads of a luxury lifestyle brand. They believed the landscape of fashion was broken and believe Luxury fashion is no longer adapted to the ease and logic of present life.

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