Field Candle Jar

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Skeem Design’s Field Jar collection is inspired by the naturalists of the 19th century. They traveled around the world painstakingly collecting new species and documenting their findings. Often these specimens were kept in small jars and vials with wonderful hand notated labels. The collection recreates these old labels and the look of the corked jar. Once the wax has burned down, the jar can be reused to showcase some of your own findings. Pebbles, small shells and feathers are instantly made more special when corked in these jars.

Hand poured in the USA

- Arabica Coffee: dark roasted coffee, steamed milk, and bitter chocolate with dark honey
- Citrus & Olive: olive top notes paired with fruity citrus, fig, cedarwood and eucalyptus
- Cannabis Leaf has light musk notes of hash oil, patchouli and antique leather brightened with vetiver and lemon

- 6 ounces
- 4" tall x 3" wide
- 35 hour burn time

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