Pilwa Bag

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The classic 'Pilwa' Bag is made for daily use as a purse to store your belongings or accompany you to the market to store your fruits and vegetables. They are hand woven by a couple in Araucania, Chile.


They are traditionally woven by the indigenous people of Chile named the Mapuches. "Pilwa" Bags are made using a plant known as "Chupon" or Gregahia Specia, one of nature's sturdiest materials.



Until a few years ago in the South of Chile, it was common to find a 'Pilwa' bag in every house because - they say those who use it - if it is taken care "it lasts a lifetime."

We love to use this bag as this purse to put our daily items in and as a decoration hung up in the house.


*These bags can hold up to 20 - 30 pounds and are very strong. 

Measurements: 17.5"h x 6"w

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