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About Us

Named for Rhythm Wyld Benz, 5, and Baybi Blue Benz, 3, Wyld Blue is the vision of Australian sartorialist Sasha Benz. A boutique nestled in dreamy Montauk, NY, Wyld Blue is known for its curated, beachy aesthetics that blend memories of a raucous past with the promise of an adventurous future. 


Big City Girl Meets Small Town Boy 

When Sasha Benz met her husband, Oli Benz, they were two kids from Australia looking to pursue their individual dreams. Sasha, a city girl from Sydney, made a name for herself styling magazines beloved the world over. Oli, a surfer boy from the warm sands of Bondi, was just beginning to make his mark as a model and DJ.

Together, they embarked on a journey from sunny Australia to the wilds of New York, trying to break into the area’s fashion scene and make names for themselves.  


Wyld Beginnings

Captivated by the concrete jungle but lured away to the idyllic shores of Montauk, the couple soon found their way into the elusive and alluring Surf Lodge, one of the hamlet’s most iconic social oases. Bedecked with beach chairs overlooking the water and a haven for the area’s residents and summertime visitors, the Surf Lodge became the couple’s home away from home.


Introducing Wyld, Baybi, and Haze Heart

Sasha Benz and Oli Benz put down roots in Montauk, with Oli staying true to his musical passions, performing in hot spots from New York to LA to Australia, and Sasha becoming the Director of Partnerships at the Surf Lodge while remaining immersed in the fashion world.

Amid the bustle of making music and community ties, the couple created a family with the arrival of Rhythm Wyld Benz, Baybi Blue Benz, and Haze Heart Benz. Together, the family of five found a way to balance playdates and appointments with moments of togetherness. 


Making Moves With Beachside Neutrals

Emboldened by the charisma of her eldest child and the playfulness of her second, Sasha Benz created Wyld Blue just before the summer of 2019. From housewares to childrens’ clothes to women’s fashion, Wyld Blue encapsulates the feeling of endless summer with its notes of shimmering copper, mossy greens, and crisp whites. The neutral tones pair well with Montauk’s beach scene, serving as blank palettes amid the deep blue coastal waters. 

Sasha selects pieces from up-and-coming designers and layers them beside well-known designer brands, creating a curated aesthetic that pairs luxury staples beside bohemian complements. The result is a timeless collection of vintage attire that flirts with of-the-moment standouts. Vintage pieces are gathered from as far back as the 1950s and include everything from playful satin pajamas to sumptuous evening gowns while newer pieces combine cashmere and silks with lace trims and oversize dimensions. No matter its age, every piece finds its roots in Sasha’s own aesthetic–as a mother, as a stylist, and as an adventurer. 

Whether searching for gemstones rings for mom, a pair of stunning straw sandals for your littles, or an on-trend bucket cap for teens, fashion is a family affair at Wyld Blue. Every piece has a story, and every story has its beginning in the Benzs’ continued love of travel and exploration.